DARROW name – old stake in writing a conclusion Scottish Gaelic, meaning ‘Son of Oak

DARROW is a Houston based commercial real estate firm focusing on private equity placement for the acquisition, development and management of my homework multi-family properties.


TPM allows us to manage, communicate and enforce our acquisition, development and management strategies, to ensure that we realize the greatest ROI in shortest time frame.


Our Acquisition strategy seeks to grow cash flow through either exterior or interior renovations, while improving property level operations and management.


We identify development opportunities in supply constrained submarkets, with high visibility, superior access and strong demand.

Asset Management

DARROW management seeks to maximize asset value by focusing on our residents, employing targeted marketing campaigns, continuously analyzing property level and market conditions.

Latest Properties

  • 91FIFTY - Entry & Sign

91 FIFTY – Luxury Apartments

New Development. 210 unit, Class A apartments. Open: September 2015, Stabilized May 2016.

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